Awilix counters

Awilix Goddess of the Moon

Melee, Physical, Assassin

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Knockback Hard CC Burst High Health Targets Safe Early Game

Item counters

Magi's Blessing Stone of Gaia Ward Adventurer's Blade Purification Beads Potion of Physical Might

Awilix counter tips


Dont let her take kills in earlygame, the snowball in awillix is real. Just wait mid-late game. Her passive give her power if she hasnt been hitted in 3 sec, so poke will be a great idea


Beads actually doesn't counter Awilix. A lot of people believe it does. Awilix only has two CC moves, but beads can ONLY purify Moonlight Charge (her 3) before it hits you from behind or the side, in other words, your not going to have much time to see Suku coming, and if you do you are facing Suku then you won't be knocked up....

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