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Loki The Trickster God

Melee, Physical, Assassin

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Hard CC Tenacity AoE Silence Aggressive Early Game Stealth Detection

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Mystical Mail Spirit Robe Magi's Blessing Greater Aegis Hide of the Nemean Lion Midgardian Mail

Loki counter tips


Hades is pretty good. If he goes invisible near you just use your silence, it takes him out of it. You can also ult when he ults and kill him if you build tanky and you'll win even in the late game.


If anyone ever sees this message, Osiris is the best counter to Loki solo. His invisibility is countered by the Osiris tether, he will remain tethered in the invis and it will show you exactly where he is.


From a person who plays a lot of Loki and plays against him frequently, I can say that I do have the experience to back up my statements.

The hardest counter to Loki asides from hard crowd control and high burst damage is awareness. Knowing roughly where he is, is important in preventing him from picking you off when you...

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