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Lane, Sniper

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Ranged Crowd Control Frequent Ganking Fast Burst

Saw counter tips


Best tip against Saw is to reframe from trading damage with him while he has full stacks(Under his Healthbar, their is a stack meter visible to all players). You can also watch his mana. If he has no mana and no stacks, just jump on him because he is not a threat and he cant roadie run away because he has no mana. If you are a...


Ah while his ulti is active, try to retreat so as to watse saw's ultimate on unimportant characters.


Well ... when saw quickly push up the minion so you could easily gank him especially with a stun. If you are the carry you might wanna froze your millions in oder that saw couldn't farm safely. In late game, if you are the support or warrior, you should use altas. And finally if you are the carry, you should do some poking when...

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